Thought Leadership: The Focused Power of Ideas

Thought Leader Zone is a partner network that can help you position yourself and your company as thought leaders in your industry by using a coherent thought-leadership strategy for clients, media and events. To meet your goals, we focus on internal and external communications activities that will result in the highest return on your investment with both strategic and tactical support for your business at key inflection points.

Are you perceived as a follower…or a leader?

Your employees, your clients, your competitors… are they looking to you for vision and leadership? Are you an important voice and opinion leader in your key spheres of influence?  A solid thought-leadership strategy uses effective communications tools and resources to establish and build these vital relationships and to rapidly advance your organization’s initiatives and goals.
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Are you sought as a speaker or source?

Are you being asked to speak at the right conferences? Do journalists seek out your comments and opinions about your industry? Are you quoted and published in diverse and influential media? We can help you be heard, remembered and be respected in your industry with proven strategies for conferences, events and media that emphasize maximum ROI and quantifiable performance metrics.
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Is your worldview shaping the debate?

In truth, every business now operates within a complex global economy… so it’s essential that you develop a thought-leadership strategy that  demonstrates an insightful international perspective. With on-the-ground experience in more than 20 countries, we can help you develop a communications platform that demonstrates the pace-setting, expansive global vision of today’s most effective leaders.
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How We Work…in the words of our clients, managers and partners

Connie Ward brings a rare and very important mix of pragmatism (what she does, works) and originality (her ideas don’t come out of a textbook but most often have a fresh feel) to the table. Whatever she takes on gets done. She keeps a level head when the going gets tough.
She has seen it all.”
— from a business partner

It was a pleasure to work with you on the Singapore International Water Week 2012. I was certainly impressed by your professionalism and it is something that we can learn from. Certainly, having your social media approach added a new dimension to our usual offerings. I look forward to collaborating again with you soon.”
— from the organizers of the Singapore International Water Week

She was fully embedded in the team and demonstrated the passion and ability to motivate people she engaged with, particularly our team members. Indeed as an external to be accepted, integrated and respected so rapidly by all team members is remarkable.”
— from a leading global reinsurance company client

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