Self-Assessment: How good is your thought-leadership strategy?

thought leadership quizTake this quick 10-question survey to get an overview of your current strengths, weaknesses and strategies!

The test is private and confidential…no one will see the results but you.

1. Are you doing things to make your competitors see you as a leading authority on industry trends?

2. Are you always one step ahead of your competitors in setting industry trends?

3. Are you being asked to speak at the right trade conferences?

4. When a new idea is floated, do people turn to you to judge how breakthrough it is?

5. Do journalists turn to you for your views about the industry’s past, present and future?

6. Do your own employees see you as leading the industry?

7. Do your own employees see you leading the industry in the right direction?

8. Is your voice heard in influential circles outside your industry?

9. Do people outside your industry turn to you to clarify trends in the industry and put new developments into perspective?

10. Are you considered one of the most visible and visionary leaders in your industry?

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