How We Work

How we work, in the words of our our clients, managers and partners.

One of her strongest professional qualities was her ability to manage crisis communications in a period of constant change."
from a major financial services company employer

Connie Ward is the one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had. She especially excelled at developing, inspiring and continuously strengthening the relationship among members of our Global Water Communications Team. Her flexibility in terms of work schedules and locations resulted in maximum productivity and job satisfaction. I learned a lot from Connie’s expertise in communications, but she was also able to discuss options and appreciate my strengths enough not to push opinions or micromanage my work. Connie is not only a highly competent communicator but also a very caring person. For these reasons and others, anyone who has the opportunity to work with Connie is truly fortunate."
from a former employee

Connie is a very engaged and hard-working professional and was responsible for creating a communications team that built a very high profile for the water business and for me personally. She continually developed new ideas and approaches to enhance the outcome. I could comfortably count on her to be proactive and ready for any of my media engagements, briefings, presentations, and other communication events. She always gave the credit to her team and others."
from an engineering company employer

Connie and I worked together on the same corporate-wide culture change initiative, and I found her to be extremely well-prepared, professional, and skilled when it comes to the approaches, nuances, and sophistication needed in international, enterprise-level communication and thought leadership. She knows her stuff. Not only that, but she's a delight to be around as well! I thoroughly enjoyed my collaboration with Connie -- and our relationship has blossomed from ‘consultant (me) / client (Connie)’ to one of good friends. I give her my highest recommendation."
from a business partner

Apart from being very personable and responsive, Connie is a premier resource when it comes to communication challenges of any degree. She has a proven track record of advising CEOs and managing diverse teams all over the world. It's always valuable to have Connie involved in an initiative or project, and she often uncovers hidden angles and different approaches that enrich the result."
from a business partner

A forward-thinking manager with the advanced skills needed to lead in today's emerging knowledge economy. Connie's leadership spurred cooperation, productivity and innovation on our team of diverse contributors; she is outstanding in her ability to remove impediments and balance both the support and space creative people need to produce their best work. She manages by objectives and results, not hours, tasks or checkboxes...more difficult, but absolutely more effective."
from a business partner

She was fully embedded in the team and demonstrated the passion and ability to motivate people she engaged with, particularly our team members. Indeed as an external to be accepted, integrated and respected so rapidly by all team members is remarkable."
from a leading global reinsurance company client  

It was a pleasure to work with you on the Singapore International Water Week 2012. I was certainly impressed by your professionalism and it is something that we can learn from. Certainly, having your social media approach added a new dimension to our usual offerings. I look forward to collaborating again with you soon.”
from the organizers of the Singapore International Water Week

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