Who Works With Us

Partner Network

We work closely with a number of accomplished partner organizations and consulting colleagues. Our network enables us to enrich our service delivery with unique skills, talents and tools to help our clients solve their specific challenges.

Aligning aspirations and actions. Alignomics offers crucial advice to start-up, emerging and established companies aiming to grow; to teams seeking cohesion and higher performance; and to individuals wanting to increase their professional impact.


blue gold marketing
Marketing strategy, corporate identity & branding, task outsourcing, internationalisation,  advertising, PR and web projects for the organizations in the water sector.


gayle leonard
Positioning, strategy, creative concepts and copy for marketing communications, including web development and creative content for state-of-the-market media channels.


Richard Meredith Consulting
Sustainability consulting with expertise and specialization in Australia


AgilityINsights logo
AgilityINsights | Sphere Advisors AG is a Swiss-based global Management Consulting and Diagnostic Mentoring service for leadership teams shaping organizations for the future.


jan sokoloff-harness
Jan Sokoloff Harness: Creative Instigation. Writing. Strategy. Inspiration.


robert s tipton
Robert S. Tipton: Robert S. Tipton, Expert Transformation Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, Change Management. Transforming tough, messy situations into positive, enduring outcomes.



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