What We’ve Done

Strategic Communications:
Representative experience and activities

Thought leaders from the water industry gather in Singapore to discuss how they’re adapting and leading in a changing urban environment.

  • Developing a global thought leadership program
  • Positioning CEO and other senior leaders externally and internally
  • Developing a comprehensive messaging strategy
  • Creating a communications strategy for cultural change programs
  • Creating a communications strategy for designing annual reports and investor meetings
  • Setting up a communications department
  • Setting up a crisis communications plan
  • Developing team communication strategies
  • Launching new products internally and externally
  • Launching a new brand internally and externally

Tactical Communications:
Representative experience and activities

Team-building exercises can demonstrate the need for leaders to improve their communications styles.

  • Applying techniques for message management
  • Managing communications projects
  • Designing and creating effective communication materials
  • Implementing a crisis communication plan
  • Creating press releases that get results
  • Improving presentation content, format and delivery
  • Managing press briefings globally
  • Implementing media strategy
  • Improving ROI on internal and external conferences



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