Internal Appointment Announcements – Subtle Teaching Moments for Your Employees

use internal appointment announcements as employee teaching momentsWe’re all curious by nature, and that carries over into the business world. When new people join a company and the appointment announcement is posted, employees ”naturally” want to know more about them.

Who are these new joiners and where did they come from to get here? Why are they being appointed now? What have they done to be prepared for success in these roles? What do their new roles entail? Questions, questions…

A close colleague of mine was just appointed to a senior leadership role in a global company in Europe; and in helping to craft his internal announcement, we tried to answer those questions proactively. In doing so, it became clear that appointment announcements offer CEOs the opportunity for teachable moments about the future direction of the firm.

Such teaching moments are effective because they provide context and are embedded in announcements that employees actually read. Curiosity about new colleagues draws the readers in and makes them susceptible to absorbing the subtle strategic messages that the CEO has included.

Do your internal appointment announcements have the impact you want? Do they clearly reflect your organization’s strategy and direction? Ask, assess, then act. We’re here to help!

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